Multistorey Pre Engineered Buildings

quickestIdeal solution for a Commercial/Office Building, Mall or a Residential tower.

Depleting natural resources, and their rising costs have given rise to the need for an alternate to traditional, civil-construction methods. With Pre-engineered steel building systems, multi-stories can now be scripted in the shortest “set-up” time, alongwith substantial cost savings and many more benefits:

Super Fast Construction – at least 6-8 times faster than the conventional RCC Construction.

  • Highly Cost Effective
  • Dry & Mechanized construction
  • No Shuttering required
  • Offers unmatched flexibility
  • Earthquake resistant designs
  • Multiple floors can be laid out simultaneously

Advantage Cold Steel

  • Highly trained design team provides detailed Seismic designs and 3D models for accurate design of each member.
  • Detailed foundation drawings along with anchor bolts and templates, which facilitate accurate casting of the civil foundations.
  • Based on the highest manufacturing standards and in-depth designs, the quality of construction of Cold Steel’ pre engineered steel buildings is unmatched and at par with any international standard/s.
  • The completely dry and mechanized methods employed for construction have no negative impact on the ground water or other natural resources

Cold Steel – Pioneer in Pre Engineered Buildings

Some of the iconic international buildings like the Sears Tower, Empire State Building, Petronas Tower have all been made of steel. In India, Cold Steel has been the pioneer in Multi-storey steel building construction, having completed the legendary 26 Floor IFCI building in New Delhi in the early 90s.